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Serious discussion: who do you think is making offers to Minnesota?

Nets, Clippers, and Knicks all feel they can wait until next year's free agency to get him (or another All-Star or two) without giving up assets.

Non-contending teams aren't going to give up assets for a one-year rental if they aren't in a win-now mentality. It won't help the Suns or Pistons to give up their future for one year of Butler. Maybe I'm wrong, but I also don't see teams like the Bucks, Wizards, Jazz, or Pelicans risking it all and hoping Butler magically makes them a championship team.

In my opinion, that just leaves teams who are contending or would be contending with one more piece, like the Celtics, Rockets, Raptors, 76ers, and Thunder. As a Raptors homer, I feel they may be desperate enough to offer Minnesota the best deal, because they've also got Kawhi on a one-year deal.

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