Daily NBA Discussion (January 31, 2016)

Scored 356 in my only lineup last night, thanks to Harden, Monta, and Hill + 5/6 of my plays hitting value yesterday. Here's my writeup today: http://www.cookiesandkareem.com/blog/nba-fanduel-analysis-13116

Gorgui Dieng - He has hit value in his last three games scoring 25, 36, and 45 FD points including a matchup against the Jazz and Cavs. Dieng is playing the Blazers tonight, his price is at 5,400, he is projected 30 minutes, and Dieng's matchup is against Meyers Leonard. I like his chances to hit 5x value or more.

Spencer Hawes - Hawes is still supposed to play 28 minutes, and he's playing the Lakers. The worst defense in the NBA and the third fastest paced game of the day, Hawes should easily hit value against the Lakers. Not the mention Batum is out, which will gives slightly more minutes to Hawes. However, I do like Dieng a little more than Hawes tonight, mostly because of minutes.

Archie Goodwin - He is projected to play 31 minutes and is playing the 19th worst PG defense in the NBA. Besides his dud last game (11 FD points), he has hit 5x+ value in 4 of his last 5 games. As long as this game stays close, Goodwin should easily score 20+ FD points and hit value.

E'Twaun Moore - He's minimum priced (3,500) and is not only starting tomorrow, after Rose said he wanted Moore to play more, but he's projected to play 31 min. The Clippers are the 4th best PG defense, but I don't see that as a problem for him because he only needs 17.5 points to hit 5x value.

Kemba Walker - Kemba is playing the Lakers. Nic Batum is also out. There is a 3.5 point spread. Kemba has also played the Lakers once this year, and score 60 FD points. I would advise playing Kemba today.

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