Daily Newbie Thread - April 24

So the other day I sent an item on eBay and the guy claimed inside was empty except for one thing and sent pictures. Said user has 107 100% positive buyer feedback. I thought (and was told) the item was brand new when I bought it. I took pictures. I didn't know that you could open the box in half (sorta like a clam shell box) after you take off the thin piece of paper label that just slides on and off, so I thought it was sealed and couldnt take pics of the inside.

The item weighed 1lb 8oz. Amazon says the item weighs 2.4lbs and 2.5lb shipped, but I know those are sometimes off. The guy sent a message that said it was mostly empty, then another message with pics, then another message with his telephone number (?). I had no proof that anything was inside since I didn't know it was easy to open and look and take pics. I just ended up refunding him. Sucks that I lost like $8 in shipping but I didn't think I could win a case.

My gut tells me the guy wasn't lying but at the same time the package seemed a bit too heavy to have just one small item and a box (that was sturdy, I admit). However, the particular store I bought it in has had this problem before when I've gone to by myself something (I'll open a sealed item and notice that there's nothing in there lol).

I guess my question is...is there really anything you could do when someone claims an item isn't as described if they really want to press it?

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