Daily OOTD & General Discussion Thread - December 17, 2019

Dear all,

I recently bought a LV Jeanne Wallet from Old Cobbler.

I showed him pictures on Whatsapp and asked if he had the wallet in stock. He had, so I paid via DHGate.

He confirmed before sending with a picture (not PSP, OC does not do PSP) and that was a Jeanne Wallet.

Upon arrival, when I opened the package I saw that I didn’t receive the LV Jeanne Wallet but a LV Felicie pouch/bag/

I informed OC of this mistake. He replied by saying that I didn’t need to pay the surplus and that I could keep the Felicie pouch (since the Felicie pouch is a little bit more expensive).

First, I don’t need a Felicie pouch that’s why I ordered the wallet. Secondly, the alignment of the Felicie is way way way off. Again, even if the alignment was alright I would not be happy to keep the Felicie since I don’t have interest in a Felicie bag.

I told OC that I didn’t want to keep the Felicie.

He asked me to return the Felicie.

I searched online but apparently, sending a package from a EU country to China is very expensive (150+ EUR). So this is also not an option.

OC told me that I can keep the Felicie and order the Jeanne Wallet with a discount.

I understand that it is a loss of income for OC if I keep the Felicie pouch and if he would send me a Jeanne Wallet (free). However, on the other side, I didn’t make a mistake (unless maybe ordering a rep) but he/she confirmed that he/she made a mistake so I think that I shouldn’t accept the Felicie pouch. I would like to get either a refund, or just the wallet.

Any advice is welcome. I hope I don’t sound too harsh by wanting the right wallet or a refund.

Many thanks in advance!

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