Daily Open Discussion Post - January 02, 2019

Okay instead of queens winning 10 k for the lipsync. The actual bottom queens have a bounty on their head which is calculated from how well theyre doing in the season.

Each queen starts off being worth 10k. But If they win a challenge their bounty increases 10k for each one they win, high 5k. Safe Nothing. Low decrease 5k. Btm 2 lowered by 10 k.

So for example during AS2 Makeover.

If the Detox or Alaska eliminated Alaska they would have got like 55k, if they chose roxxy they would have got nothing, Alyssa 25k?.

This would see queens being more stragegic.

Like maybe Manilla would have eliminated Valentina cause her bounty would have been 20k opposed to Gias 10.

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