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I hated them too. Perhaps the tale of my crowning college achievement will brighten your spirits?

Senior year we had a market research project where small local businesses "hired" teams from our class to help them improve their business. We'd do surveys and present them our findings at this big dinner at a local function hall, and all this stuff. It would have been pretty cool if our dude didn't totally flake out. What we turned in was basically 100% fabricated because the professor still wanted us to turn in something.

Anyway. So there was that clusterfuck.

It was me and two buddies, and some girl we didn't know but who needed a group.

She was the only person less available than our business owner. No hyperbole she showed up not one time. "I have work" was her usual thing. "I also work" did not seem to carry much weight.

We brought it to the professor who basically said "lol sucks, deal with it you're not children." Fair enough.

So we go to the big fancy dinner to present our almost entirely nonsense marketing report, to our business owner who does not show.

The girl showed though. She thanked us for "being so understanding" about her zero contribution, and asked to see the report.


I think her name was Jenny. She was fucking PISSED because I wrote her name as Jennifer on the report cover, because it was supposed to be formal, and yo, I met you like two times.

I sat there stewing. I was so fucking pissed. Awkward looks around the table for a few minutes and I couldn't bare it further. I freaked out.

And so at the big fancy dinner I threw a fit. I called her fucking everything I could think of. That she can go tell the professor she doesn't want credit because her name is nominally incorrect. That she was an asshole of legendary performances for even showing, nevermind bitching about any facet of the thing she had no involvement in at all.

She says if I'm going to be that way she will leave.

I stood up and pointed. "There ya go Jennifer. Fuck off already alright. Probably have to work anyway."

It was very, very uncomfortable for about 30 seconds before my two other team mates cracked up laughing, shocked that the typically quiet (and/or stoned) Soomuchcoffee had gone mental.

It only was a minor blip to the other events going on. Mostly just her storm out. I hadn't been overly loud.

We got a C- but still. Worth it.

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