Daily Question Thread - September 14, 2018

Looking at your Epis and Maria I suppose you are building a magic team? If so Jane is pretty much the best/mandatory magic tank. Reain is she is also a very good magic amper esp with her UT3. While clause is a very solid tank, he's much of a phy tank and amper. Also medi is more suitable for phy teams. Frey is a solid priest even late game. Focus your resources in this order: DPS>SUB DPS>TANK>PRIEST. I suggest you focus first on a single team to manage your resources easily. A magic team is very good in adventure mode. Get Jane on your ticket and her UT3 (Flower of duke...) ASAP!. Its one of the best UT in the game currently. Later on you can get annette for more utility or laias for a more solid priest. Also this is my first reddit post so there you go..

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