Daily Questions - ASK AND ANSWER HERE! - 28 December 2022

I am in need of a suit soon and I have been working on losing weight so I am in between sizes at the moment. I currently have odd measurements where I fit most things chest and up fine but the waist makes it hard to find anything that fits. I am graduating college and got out of the military a while back and earned my gi bill so I'm like in a weird skinny fat area with a muscular chest but a bigger midsection since I haven't been good as I could have on my diet. I'm working on that now that school is over and I have my degree.


Neck - 15"

Waist - 40/41"

I see most suit places like J Crew, Zara, H&M, etc don't really have suits, pants, shirts, etc. that will accommodate the waist at my chest and neck size. They mostly stop at pant sizes around 36/38 whereas I'm at 40/41 and the suit tops and shirt tops would be super baggy if I want it to comfortably fit my waist.

Do I just buy a size up and take it to a tailor so they can take in the chest and neck but leave the waist area bigger?

I know tailors can only do so much so I don't want to ask for something difficult for them. I just never had to do this before.

Any help would be appreciated.

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