Daily Questions - February 12, 2019

Help! I'm trying to select 5 items I want in my Material World box, but nothing happens when I click on the 5 boxes. The stylist had already selected 10 items for me - and none of them appeal to me, of course. Their toll-free number has no one answering, and I've called 3 times on different days. I've been emailing them back and forth for a long time now, and they don't seem to understand the problem.

I have just a hour left to confirm the box. If I can't select my own items, the stylist is going to select 5 "mystery items," and I know I won't like them. I've tried various browsers, laptops, and my phone, and tried restarting, and nothing worked.

What should I do? Anyone else had this problem?

Seems like their site/service is very buggy and bad in many ways.

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