Daily Questions Megathread (August 26, 2021)

Thanks for the constructive feedback!

First of you are new and you are not completely blowing him out on parses either. You being new is the most important there to be honest.

They shared that the 2nd in contention was our bis hunter, so I was never going to get it anyway. I will say tho - I outparsed him too :S. I made it a point to come with max consumes, max prepared etc. I guess they just valued loyalty above performance.

Second prioritizing rogues over hunters is correct. The rogues do less dps overall, but it is a larger upgrade overall and brings more dps to the raid.

Makes sense!

And yeah - the loot situation is the only thing I think I could be misconstruing, hence me asking here. I left because of the toxicity and state of the game, not this loot council.

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