Daily Questions Megathread (January 01, 2021)

Question to anyone with good knowledge of databases. What do you think Mihoyo's database(s) look like to store the data shown in Teyvat times? How many table rows do they have?

In Teyvat Times 3:

  • The remaining HP of your party members when you defeat a boss. Do you think it also has data like equipped artifacts, character stats, talent levels, etc? Would this all be one row?

  • Every time an item is picked up. If almost 700,000,000 bird eggs have been picked up since 1.0's release, let's say about 30 billion rows just for picked up items?

  • Every monster kill. How would they store the drops? Would the dropped materials be a different table than the artifacts or all in one drops table? Would they generate the artifact stats as soon as it drops or just the level and then generate the stats when it's picked up? Probably just the level, right?

So a few hundred billion rows at the least? Is that not a lot these days?

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