Daily Questions Megathread (January 02, 2021)

For the first time since launch, I rolled 6 singles on the weapon banner, and got both the Summit Shaper and Skyward Atlas. The probability of getting both is pretty low, however is the weapon banner really generous? I know it’s a 0.1 difference from the other 5* drops but somehow out of my small sample size of friends, no one reached pity with the weapon banner. This has got me thinking, is this banner actually not a whale banner?

Would it be worth trying to roll singles again on the next few weapon banners?

The two drops got me thinking maybe getting 5* weapons are kinda possible without whaling, or like I could invest on it like a small coin jar, pulling once a week or something. Especially since I have more than enough characters already, besides getting Ayaka, Venti(rerun), and some others.

*I’m not f2p but I only buy Welkin, so I still have a very limited primo supply

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