Daily Questions Megathread (January 10, 2021)

I've reached Adv Rank 35 and am starting to reach the point (which I knew was coming) where I feel my resources are stretched too thinly.

I have a main core team that I quite like (Keqing, Mona, Albedo, and Benny), which I'm focusing most of my effort on, but I wonder - how common is it for people in my shoes to develop others outside that team for niche situations?

For instance, I wanted to developing Ningguang for situations where Keqing was difficult due to electro immunities, or Sucrose for times Mona would be ineffective, or Noelle and Fischl for when I need their respective weapons for whatever reasons (e.g. Geo Hypostasis). But I feel I'm already struggling with my main four.

Is this something most people wait to approach for later?

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