Daily Quests - summary, little more detail and even a conclusion!

Okay guys, I noticed that some of you missed my point of the addtional gem value from event rewards.

This post consists of 2 parts:

  1. The actual difference of gemvalue of both options: 73.000 for Option B > 72.082,50 gems for Option A (or the other way, if you value a WC at 30 gems).
  2. Now in BOTH Options you can use ressources during an event
    1. In Option A you can use your 182,5 HS and 365 WC and your 40.150 gems you accumulated over the year.
    2. In Option B you can use the 73.000 gems. So let's assume we would've spent 40.150 gems the same way as in Option A.
      1. This leads essentially to the questions: how would i benefit the most from spending my 32.850 gems (73.000 - 40.150) on ressources that I want to use in some specific event?

This is the point I was trying to make by showing some EXAMPLES for option B, where you could buy additional WC or HS with that 32.850 gems. And you can buy only WC or only HS or even the exakt same combination of 182,5 HS and 365 WC.

So in total and after ALL ressources are spend during events this would lead to following gemvalues for Option A:

  • Option A: 72.082,05 + 33.362 = 105.444 GV in total over one year

Option B depends heavily on what ressources you spend your "remaining" gems!

  • Lets spend on HS only:

Buy 100% HS with it and spend it during heroic summon events over the year: (32.850/125) = 262,8 scrouls

With the use of the event rewards you can do: 3 x 100 Scrouls + 22,8 left + 18 PO (rewards) = 26.550 GV

  • Option B: 73.000 gems + 26.550 GV = 99.550 GV in total over one year
    • Option B (only WC): 73.000 gems + 53.000 GV = 126.000 GV over one year

So obviously you can compare the GVs from the examples I just gave with Option A or make any combination of those two ressources that you feel the best about (e.g. 23% HS and 77% WC or 93% HS and 7%) , calculate the GV and compare it to Option A to look if it's value is higher or lower - boom that's it ...

I hope this helped to clearify some issues! The point is, that in Option A the gemvalue is fixed! In Option B its variable - that's what I wanted to point out by calling Option B "flexible"! I edited the post a little, so hopefully it will be much clearer now. Thank you all for your replies!

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