Daily /r/boardgames What Should I Get (June 17, 2017)

Hey all, I'm completely new to board games but I'm looking to get into it a bit. Hopefully I can get some help here!

Number of Players: 3-6, no less no more! Anything that varies within is okay.

Game Length: I'm thinking about half an hour to 75 minutes, open to the idea of something taking longer… ideally not a full-day game though!

Complexity of Game: I'm hoping for something to pick up the strategy on within a few games, not something I can't figure out among my friends though, since we'll probably all be playing it together for the first time.

Your Budget: No more than sixty!

Themes/Mechanics: Im open to pretty much anything, but I'll try to narrow it some more. Basically, I really like anything that's thoroughly executed (ex loved Mad Max Fury Road because the world is alive- everything fits with everything, and I thought all of it was cool for that). I like the idea of wizards, military fighting, spies, stuff like that. If you think it's cool, I'd love for you to recommend it to me. I love the lord and atmosphere of dark souls if that helps.

Competitive or Cooperative: I'm open to either! Ideally if it's about power (wizards/magic like I mentioned before) id prefer competitive, but again I'm new to this and open to anything.

Games I Own/Like or Dislike: I'm new to board games, but my favorite video games are ones based on number-based dps, becoming powerful as you progress- borderlands is a good example, so is dark souls.

Preferred Market: United States!

Thanks so much for reading!

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