Daily Reminder: if you support GamerGate, you do not have any emotions

So my ex wife of 12.5 years was chronically ill to the point where I supported her through ten operations 2 majorly invasive and minor/exploratory. Flew her across the country for specialists a couple of times.

We related immensely through the medium of gaming because she lived on painkillers, never worked, barely got a driver's license late in life with a lot of urging and support from me.

Her illness + painkiller addiction + physical issues + her finding the time for infidelity anyway finally crashed us and I threw her out not too long after the start of gamergate after 10 years of marriage and 2 years of trying to reconcile.

So having my only virtual escape from these inescapable real world issues to where on her bad days we could relate more equally fucked with by SJW bullshit certainly had an impact on us both.

Not going to pin the bed we made on GG per se, but to hear these fuckwits speak as if they know anything about real pain and who is making shit up angers me beyond belief.

Real pain isn't what you receive yourself, it's watching someone else suffer and not being able to do anything about it. It's getting up at 8pm every god damn weekend and twice on weeknights to go back to the emergency room and sleep on the sink there to get up the next day and get on the subway to work. It's watching someone collapse on the floor and physically carrying them into the specialist to lie them screaming upon the waiting room couch because you're not thinking straight and you've already been to the ER 10-15 times in the last 6 months on a carousel of no help.

It's worrying about your job, after taking so much emergency time off, after rearranging your whole life to get on a night shift so you have time for countless doctors and hospital during the day.

It's watching someone claustrophobic and hurting go yet again into another MRI or the anethesia of surgery and pacing all night until they are back in the morning with a 'slightly' cleaner bill of health lighter by an organ or two.

It's arguing with shitty ER doctors that browbeat her for being a 'drug seeker' or other bullshit shenanigans so she's crying when you return to the room to the point where they sic security on you and instead of indulging in the luxury of beating the shit out of some mealy mouthed bureaucratic coward you have to choke it down so she can continue to go to that hospital.

It's having the cops knock on your door when you're next door at your parents doing laundry having turned your back on her for a second and sprinting across a field in real terror or following an ambulance that lit up with code whatever in because her heart did backflips, not these fuckwit "triggered" statements and whatever tumblrites think that happens on the internet that actually matters.

It's nursing them through their suicide attempts, cleaning the blood of slit wrists off the floor afterwards and then driving hours every day to the mental health clinic they were put into, frisked and scanned so you can get in to see them and spend visiting hours.

It's trying to get them to slow down on the heavy duty painkillers, and not go behind your back to fill in the days they run out with booze. It's a battle where you gradually, daily, lose them to being an unfeeling zombie no matter how hard you try when you started with a loving beautiful woman. A battle that takes everything, happiness, wealth, love and leaves you with nothing.

That's pain. That's losing the reason for caring about fuckall, which yeah, tends to make one deeply depressed and suicidal: surprise.

Then when I turn on some vidya to escape and I'm told what a terrible white man I am for hating women.

This is why I'll never lie down for this bullshit they want to spin. You don't need to Listen and Believe to suicide reasons per se, but don't dismiss them out of hand either because you have no idea where people are coming from, people are too complex.

Not everything works like it does in idyllic SJW bubbleland and you'd think the so called 'social justice' people would understand that. There are things in this world that all the 'cispatriachial power' in the world are no defense against.

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