Daily Simple Questions Thread - January 30, 2019


I’ve been training with my PT for about 2 months now. I did definitely did become stronger and noticed change in my appearance compared to when I started working out with him. However, I do have a few concerns —

1) his phone use. He is frequently using his cell phone between sets, will text, and occasionally has taken phone calls. 2) not tracking progress. He never tells me how much weight I am lifting or what the plan for progress is, he seems to just eyeball what weight will push me. 3) he often talks about what he’s going to do immediately after our sessions, will talk about how he hasn’t been able to eat all day, etc. I don’t know if he is consciously doing this but it communicates to me that he would rather not be there (I am the last appointment he has for the day). 4) cost. I have many expenses coming up and I feel like I should probably be saving my money.

We do get along. To be fair, I am not working out outside of our sessions as much as he’d like me to, and he probably can tell. But something seems kinda off and I wanted to get some opinions.


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