Daily Simple Questions Thread - November 30, 2021

Is there a compelling reason to do the flat Bench Press if you don't have plans on competing? Reason I ask is because I'm up to 90kg/200lbs Bench now on a LP but the exercise seems inherently dangerous and I'm in this partly for strength and longevity. I bench without a spotter and have tilted the plates off twice now on my working sets to get out from under the bar, which may have strained my shoulder slightly. That's fine and all, but it seems like there's other random things that can potentially fuck you up such as the bar slipping from your hands even with a full grip. I've had spotters in the past but tend not to want to use them as they also tend to be a liability at times. Should I stick to this or do an alternative exercise? My gym has power racks that I could move a bench to and bench there but I'm not sure whether the safety bar adjustments are fine enough to not hit the arms at the bottom of the movement. I have always wanted to get to a 2 plate bench.

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