Daily Simple Questions Thread - October 05, 2022

I'm a beginner at working out. I've read a lot about it, from what I've learned you get good results from targeting each muscle group twice a week. PPL-split is very popular, so I decided to go with that. However, I only have access to the gym two times a week. What I've been doing is following a PPL workout plan. But instead of splitting it up over three days, I've been doing all the exercises in one workout session, twice a week. I've been doing this for four months now, I do see results. But I'm wondering if this is optimal at all, as a full body workout routine? The full body workout routines I've found(so far) only has like a third or half of the exercises I'm doing right now, I'm worried that those routines won't be enough compared to the PPL routines?

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