The Daily Squad Thread (AM Edition) -- December 06, 2018

For those who aren’t afraid of challenges challenges. Could someone try to fit my untradeables in while I went liquid until toty? UCL James, EU SMS, IF Baka, Fabinho, Jerome Boateng, UCL Depay, Scream Koke, Futswap Guilavogui and many more but these are preferred. Formation and budget doesn’t matter (no icons though). Try to use the better players from these and as many as you can. Koke woth hyperlink to costa take a rest, rinsed those 2 too much. Please help me solve this I am going insane trying to make full chem with 5 league hybrids and no same nations in the midfield. Ideally Savic, James, Fabinho, Baka, Boateng in a team but I can’t solve this puzzle. If all other players are good but only 1 isn’t full chem I am fine. Please help and thank you!

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