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Had a unique (for me) situation where I had been seeing two separate women who seemed super into me, and I was really into each of them too. Great communication between dates, amazing chemistry during dates. Green flags everywhere. The works.

Anyway, I had 4th dates lined up with each this past week, and I knew I needed to soon choose one to focus on. I tossed and turned with the decision all week (literally couldn’t sleep some nights), but my heart ultimately wanted Girl 2. But still I planned on going on the 4th date with each, just to make sure

Girl 1 actually stood me up for our 4th date. Complete no show, and didn’t respond to texts/calls. Completely out of the blue, given our great communication. She texted the next day with a generic “not feeling it” message. Lame, but my heart was pining for Girl 2, so I felt like this was a sign.

Fast forward a couple days and Girl 2 DID show up for 4th date, but she might as well shouldn’t have. Completely detached, distracted, etc. Her mind was 1000 miles away. On what? I don’t know. But all the chemistry, physical touch, banter, etc from the first three dates was gone. I tried, I really did, but got a stone wall in return. Sure enough, another “not feeling it” text later than night.

Completely confused and dejected how I had these two potential relationships with great women at my fingertips, but both vanished into thin air in the matter of a couple days. No warning signs that I saw coming. At all. Oh well, back to square 1

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