Daily Tech Support Thread - [May 21]

My mother forgot her password to her phone and disabled it... after waiting an eternity for iTunes and the IOS update to install I attempted to update her phone to remove the disabled pass-code, To my dismay it didn't update and rather completely deleted the OS off of her phone and it is now stuck on the restore screen, I decided to try the update with my Iphone XR and it did the same exact thing.

I've attempted to restore both of the phones to factory settings with iTunes and it needed to download the IOS update again for some reason, after waiting an extraordinary amount of time for the update to download it had an error on the last Kilobyte.... THE LAST KILOBYTE. I attempted this a few more times... 12 hours later and an several gigs of internet hogged up by iTunes the update has yet again failed. And every time it fails the DOWNLOAD HAS TO RESTART!!!!

I'm frustrated that I paid almost 2 thousand dollars for tech that cant even install a simple update.

If anybody has any knowledge on how to fix this I am all ears. I plan on contacting both apple and T mobile (my service provider) about the issue. But until I get my phone working I'm stuck with Reddit.

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