Daily VeChain Discussion - March 13, 2018

I keep thinking about if the entire crypto market wasn't in bear market mode now.. what would VET price be like now with all the recent insane news VeChain has been hitting us with week after week? Furthermore, I've thought, when the storm clears and we enter back into a bull market .. say mid May - early June (looking at charts from last year and correlating us now to that), I think holy shit, that is just in time for Q2 and mainnet launch/VeThor time. I guess all I'm sayin is ... Crypto, what a time to be alive. And ... Out of all of them, couldn't be happier having a portfolio pretty much equal in VET (got me a node - which one I won't say ;), BNB (bought into the ICO and held on for dear life) & ETH (my first love).

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