Dallas Cop says Dallas and DPD are in big trouble.

I was attacked by some kids downtown chased them to there homes and called the police 3 hours later I knew the kids names, where they lived and even had there mother sit with me and wait for the police after the kids snuck out and stole my bad where I was to begin with, the police finnaly got there and said they can't do anything cuzz they can't find the kids (it's 4am on a school nite att) after a month of calling for an update a cop goes out there, retrieves one thing from ones mother and decides not to press charges on either kid because "it's will only make the parents pay" I'm homeless because I called the police from California and pissed the off for calling too many times trying to get them to do their job, I've lost my home and car because of the PD and their infunctionary ways and they couldn't even arrest two kids for assult and theft of over 2k dollars, everything o owned was in that backpack, fuck the police I hope they drown in that hot water.

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