Dallas County District Attorney's Office to Dismiss Many Misdemeanor, State Jail Felony Cases

I agree with a lot of his directives.

Things like not holding people in jail infinitely while a lab analyzes drug contraband will save the county a lot of money. His general attitudes towards minor drug possession seem aimed at curbing the cost in jailing and prosecuting.

Not sure I am on-board with his "Theft of Necessary Items" stance, though:

Creuzot said his office will not prosecute theft cases where the value is under $750 unless the evidence shows the theft was for economic gain.

"Study after study shows that when we arrest, jail, and convict people for non-violent crimes committed out of necessity, we only prevent that person from gaining the stability necessary to lead a law-abiding life. Criminalizing poverty is counter-productive for our community’s health and safety," Creuzot said.

Like with the minor drug offenses, I can see why spending time and resources to prosecute people stealing necessities puts a heavy burden on the county, but not prosecuting cases where the value is under $750 seems a bit ridiculous.

A local sergeant has pointed out how this could be devastating for local shopkeepers, who won't be able to stay in business if people come in and steal literally hundreds of dollars worth of necessities at a time.

Then, as also noted, there is also the vigilante element here where people will take measures into their own hands if they know criminals won't be prosecuted for stealing.

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