Damn America, you guys are killin it. Congrats!

I know that if they employed more than one employee a piece, which if they a had a land line to a brick and mortar location is more than likely, then wouldn't we be seeing massively more phone numbers being not renewed?

I don't believe that every one of those 15 million non renewals is a person dead from covid. But to think or, worse, say that it's majority is businesses.... That's willingly being blind. Even if it was just under majority, say 49.5%(we'll round up to 50% to keep the numbers cleaner). Then would it logically follow that at least the other 50% is people those businesses employee. They don't have an income for many months. They don't pay(renew) they're phone bill. So 7.5 million individuals have not renewed. 10% of that is more than 500times what they're reporting as is. What is much more likely is that 25% of it is business lines. 75% is individuals, and 6%(the average morbidity of the disease) is still 10 times what they are reporting.

They have reported 82 thousand cases (in the country that it started in!?) and 4 thousands deaths (fucking lol) puts their morbidity at around 5%. The us's is a tad lower than that, but we're still in the spike of new infections so I wouldn't be surprised if it goes up to around china's.

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