Damn, i never thought about that

In the 50's, they wanted to be called Negro's.

In the 60's they wanted to be called Blacks.

In the 80's, it was African Americans.

In the late 60's, early 70's it was a common theme for white people to say "I don't see color" to try and express that they didn't see anything but an equal person standing in front of them.

Then, in the 90's, people started saying "am I invisible to you? Of course I'm black!!!"

In the early 60's civil rights activists were running around screaming that they needed special allowances to get jobs and housing.

In the late 90's, Jesse and Big Al were running around stating vibrantly that it was BECAUSE of these programs that Bl.....African Americans were being held back, "forced" (Jackson's words, not mine) to work in jobs they weren't qualified for, proving the white class wanted to see them fail.

White people don't get all worked up about this stuff. They see themselves as Americans.

They're all just hoping someday that Bl, err....African Americans see themselves similarly.

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