damn one of my family friends just ended her future just because she didn’t want to take the vaccine

Look man, I am 18 years old, completely healthy, I am cautious with the virus and do not engage in risky activities that can get me exposed to the virus. The virus itself does not kill anynone like me of my age and the long term negative effects of the virus are extremely rare for people like me. Should I, continue to be careful like I have always done and even if I get the virus, it will be just 1 day in bed kind of like catching the flu or should I get a rushed vaccine made under a year when the companies that made them have 0 liability for the effects it will have and them having extremely sketchy history when they had paid billions to families of those affected by their products? I think you do not have to think a lot to know the answer. Until then, I will just wait and see, normal vaccines take 5-10 years to be made and distributed, this one was made under a year by sketchy companies. They want to mass vaccinate everyone so they can go back to normal again, however, that will not happen. Look at Israel for example. They went back to normal, lift mask mandates outside and 4 weeks later they are having a new wave and the majority hospitalised is completely vaccinated

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