Damn vegans! How can they be so cruel!?

Cows live to be 25 years old. So there would have to be a mass killing. You would also have to stop them reproducing. You vegans are pathetic "the previous argument is rediculous" isn't a valid statement. Why is it ridiculous and what evidence do you have to support that? Just because something goes against your beliefs doesn't mean you can spew out whatever bullshit is in your head. There is actual scientific facts that show there would have to be mass killings so the land currently being used by cows could be converted to crops to feed everyone if they became vegan. And the crops would require more fertilizer, pesticides and vehicles to do these things and would have a far greater impact on the environment then cows have meaning even more animals would die. And who the fuck tortures cows to get milk? Have you ever milked a cow? because you clearly don't even have a basic understanding of how its done.

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