You know damn well I ain’t paying that!

I think they also do that to rip off people without insurance. Insurance companies will bargain that bill to like 80% of what they send you.

Had a >30k bill from Emory sent to me. I went off on them and then called my insurance to find out why I was getting a bill they said I won’t pay more than $100 on it. I have access to bills on my portal and came to find out that insurance paid about $7k and that took care of the massive heart attack they sent to me.

Unless you have shitty insurance/ your employer has shitty insurance for employees, having insurance is a form of flexing seriously. And if it’s a good company no matter how evil they are, they’ll shield you from the craziness of medical providers, hospitals and health care. That’s why I gladly pay my $170 premium a month and ignore whatever bills they send.

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