Danceable hip hop will be the next big thing. Do you agree?

I get the feeling Im not going to convince you on this lol. Seems like more of a philosophical difference than anything else.

it is.

Outside of classical music and folk music, white music as a whole would not have been able to innovate if they didn't have millions of black musicians to bastardize.

Nope, almost all cultures worldwide except the US has had its own culture, the US is special in how much it basterdized a subculture that it hated. You have to realize that culturally the US has a really different genesis to any other country on earth. Who came to South America? Any Spaniard and in many places the people mixed and become one in many ways. Latin Americans dont basterdize a subculture that isnt theirs, they take from a culture they joined.

What you have in the US is the LEAST cultural people in a country leaving. And that is just clear if you have traveled enough that it still has an effect. The people who originally made the US were religious outsiders. People that lived on beliefs different from everyone elses. The origin of American pop music was all about profit, it was a business model to take over the world with payola in every country. Belgium has always had a heavy party culture since it has existed historically. Most modern music, as in with atonal, figurative, and cultural aspects as the important elements can be said to have started with Debussy more than anything african. But im open to anything you have to say about europe, I still feel a bit ignorant in this part.

Yea thats just wrong. The US was where the black people were, that's where the innovations came from. The other big contributers were Jamaica, Brazil, Cuba, etc etc... not European countries. You know why? Because thats where the slaves were. Welcome to history buddy, its not pretty.

Are you fucking serious? Are you seriously insinuating that black americans are somehow special in their musical output? They are just normal when compared to any other population tbh. The ones who really dont bring their A game is white americans.

Yeaaaaaah that's just bullshit. Eastern Europeans tend to think they're much smarter than they are. If you went with Northern Europe, maybe I would have believed you, but Eastern Europe? really? that's who you pick for "high standards of music"? Cmon dude.

I would say the most important avant garde music is coming from movements originating from there atm. If you want to get into it itll take you at least a year to start to get all the stuff and substuff.

Ill answer your questions about romania

A) puts too much emphasis on traditional sound and ignores innovation

They are the main inovators of minimal electronic music, leading the genre with highly conservatory trained musicians and one very special conductor, petre inspirescu. Hell, as a dance music dj his last albums dont even have kicks, hows that for inovation?

B) sneers at certain genres or C) doesn't actually listen to a lot of music, then they don't know about music.

Romania hold some of the biggest, longest music festivals on earth, and each time the theme and music feels completely different. Were talking 72+ hours straight on nonstop music, some DJs going for as long as 12 hours (Rhadoo), most of the music played being unrealeased and exclusive to each DJ. Americans cant even start to comprehend this level of music experience and are slowly being introduced to it.

Look, all music in america is pretty much made with capitalist considerations while every nation on earth almost has a strong tradition of extremely high quality music that is honestly not advertised much at all. Pedro Ojuela (? drummer for romperayo) is probably the best drummer ive seen in my life, which about as much education and credentials as any drummer on earth alive right now. And he plays mostly in small bars in my city and does almost no advertisement or anything, hes been at this for over 20 years now. The problem you face is that for a lot of the best musicians on earth not being known in the US is part of the plan, and you just arent ready to face that.

Like Ricardo Villalobos said: I do just about everything to avoid fame (hes imo the best musician in the last 100 years tbh). When he went to the US for Warp (he never goes to the US), he played terrible and just did drugs the whole set, why do you think he did that? I guess he just sucks and Americans have better taste....

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