Dani Parejo on Fede Valverde's foul on Morata: 'I wouldn't have fouled him. I would pray that he missed it.'

To be fair, I'm not a Chelsea fan but Morata antics at Chelsea were very annoying. He was probably one of the worst if not the worst player in the league for going down under no contact. He also would spend most of the game following the referee around whinging like a baby after pretending to be injured by a ghost.

I think players who have bad stints at clubs and behave like that leave a very bad taste.

Also I'm a United fan and Forlan is definitely looked upon fondly. By the time he left us he had scored quite a few goals (including important ones), always ran his socks off and had shown some of his ability. Obviously he became better but I think his stint at United was 100 times better than Morata at Chelsea for multiple reasons.

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