Daniel Bryan might have indirectly saved Drew Gulak's job

I don't know if you're serious. I live in London mate. Go to a Friday prayer and they'll be doing the sermon in English and if they quote Arabic they translate it otherwise no one would have any idea what the dude is talking about. As I said, Arabic is only used in the actual prayer. This is not the place to talk religion but I only commented because you are misinforming people. The fact that you've now decided to double down on your ignorance rather than hold your hands up and just say you don't know and could be wrong is whats annoying. Sometimes its OK to admit you don't know and then maybe to go out and learn if you really really want to talk about a random topic? Going back to the original point. I am almost certain Sami would know Arabic because of his Syrian Ancestry rather than the fact he is Muslim.

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