Danny Green of the Raptors comments on Joel Embiid’s antics during the series between the Sixers and Raptors:

The quality of a team is not the same as whether or not the series was close btw.

What? How could 2 seperate thoughts be the same thing? Why are you saying this?

I agree it describes the quality of a team against its opponent but that’s separate from whether or not the series was close, yknow?

The NET of a team is the best predictor of future sucess.

By the way, I don't know where you're getting "superiority complex" from my comments. Oh well.

Anyway, the margin of victory regardless of which team won, is useless information. The NET rating tells us a lot about a team.

As far as disagreeing on what defines a close series, we definitaly do disagree completely.

In soccer, they use the aggregate of 2 games to determine a winner in some tournaments. That's a good example of using a larger sample size than 1 game to determine which team is better.

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