Dante Pettis is nasty!

People keep calling that one a bad throw but I don't think it was. If anything I'd put that pick at least a little on Pettis.

if you watch Pettis' feet on the replay he doesnt really get out of his break cleanly. you can see him take a little step upfield to steady himself before going out on his route. that put him a little behind where he should have been, which is where Jimmy threw it.

Football is hard. being off by a fraction of a second coming out of your break can make a huge difference. Jimmy had to let the ball go the second Pettis planted his leg to make his break inside, he couldn't know that Pettis wouldn't get as clean a release as he's used to seeing. it was maybe still a little far outside even if he had gotten out clean but thats kinda the way you're supposed to do it.

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