Daphne Bramham: New Richmond school to ‘tread lightly’ on China issues

I don't know. If Canadians can learn more about this topic and work to get companies and politicians to recognize the CCP's activities in Canada to change public discourse and behaviours and if we push back on China regularly being aggressive and antagonistic towards us and using claims of racism to shut down criticism, we may have a chance. I think it'll be important for governments to recognize the work CSIS does and act on the reports they provide (which so far it seems the Federal government doesn't do). The problem is that there is already a lot of interference in Canadian media and with politicians, and according to the book a lot of espionage and intimidation is being done by the Chinese Embassy and consulates in Canada. Canadians need to realize that thinking if we try to be nice and spread our values that hostile countries will change their behaviour is foolish.

That I said, I don't trust Trudeau or the Liberals to do anything about as Pierre Trudeau is the one who started Canada's relationship with the CCP in the '70s and former Prime Ministers Paul Martin and Jean Chretien have direct or familial relations with people doing business in China, in addition to Stephane Dion and other politicians.

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