Daren Sammy shouldn’t wait for apology from IPL teammates. India is in denial about its racism

Hey Man.
You're not getting it and I'm not at a stage in my life where I want to educate those who don't agree on the premise of an argument.
You deduced something that wasn't there and wrote 400 words. I responded to the only part of it that was relevant to the actual argument. To anyone who read more than the first six words of the title and then concatenated it via an experience that seems to be a loose blend of victim complex, model minority tropes, and an oddly defensive view of nationalism over a topic that is a very clear problem in a country where skin color and barriers are a MASSIVE issue.

Your version of the argument is like reading the first chapter of Lord of the Rings and assuming Sauron was just a rebel avenging his master with the longest term plan of all. But not only did you assume that, you decided to do a thesis on it, which lead you to someone who said "uhhhh did you read the second chapter" and the entire thing came crumbling down.

But undaunted, because it's you and your bru mate Sauron as thunderbuddies4Lyf, you wrote the thesis and then proceeded to get mad as people shit on it for being fan fiction.

Nonetheless, if E.L.James made millions from such a model. You can too.

I'm done.

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