The Dark Aspect of Therapy

Bit late to the party but I think the piece suggests the idea that identifying problems is the problem - we search for a label to our woes which in turn is the problem as we are desperate for an understanding based on preconceived ideas that we should be feeling differently / better.

Recognizing the problem might be the problem. Happiness resides in not wanting to be happy; sadness exists within the desire to be happy. It is our preconceived idea that we should be feeling differently that is the core of the issue. To embrace sadness as a fundamental part of happiness is the root of living more happily. It is our desire for therapy to fix ourselves that is our friction against ourselves - which is the foundation of the entire problem to begin with.

Plus with the malleability of the brain that we can mold our perception and reality. Even pain is subjective. Does depression exist without an understanding of depression? Possibly not.

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