Dark Goddess of Starlight

She is Skunk, a trickster goddess from the world of Galmiun. Also known as the curse flower rafflesia, she is a former villain and specializes in ice and poison techniques. Blessed by the elder goddess Silver, she becomes more powerful during the full moon.

Skunk is a visitor to this world, and along with some of her friends, has joined ARKS in the fight against evil. Though the inhabitants of her world call those like her 'gods', the term is something of a misnomer. The elder gods are what people would conventionally consider gods, celestial entities that can take on human form, the gods of Galmiun are physically human, but do not age and do not die permanently.

She's based on an imaginary guardian I had as a child, and made her first appearance in video games in the 90's as part of the Silver Stars series in ZZT. These days I use RPG Maker MV and the series is called Shining Silver Starlight now.

Basically, she is pretty much an average joe, despite being a goddess. Being divine doesn't mean much in her world unless you're one of the twelve old gods. People care far more for royalty and celebrities, and besides all that, she has always been more infamous than popular.

She sees no reason for ARKS to know what she is or where she came from. To them, Skunk is just another new recruit, and she prefers to blend into the shadows than stand in the spotlight.

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