Dark side of the cake

I guess that you realize you were being an ignorant jerk but its too late man please go away you're not worth my time there are other people on here I'm having very deep conversations with about this stuff who are also into recording music and asking me about a lot of things and they actually listen to what I say because they sense that I know what the fuck I'm talking about

Drugs like cocaine and speed damaged people to change people Permanently Roger Waters is not the guy he was before the wall and that's what the wall album is about

he's honest enough to document the fact that eventually everything they were turned to shit, then the way he documented it was brilliant the wall is a masterpiece but it's horrifying, not soothing or healing, to listen to under the influence of psychedelics which of course it wasn't meant to be which of course is unlike everything you did up until that album which is of course why true Floydheads, which you are not one of lol.. throw that and everything after it into the trash,

They're telling you that it's OVER and you're not listening and holding on, and because of that they're making fun of you ridiculing you and people like you is a very album that you seem to be so fond of

and when I point that out you get very embarrassed and now you're trying to fix it

just spend some time by yourself

If you're not psychologically predisposed for horse stable enough to handle the classical psychedelics like mushrooms etc maybe eat some brownies and listen to animals and then try listening to the wall and notice the difference between feeling like you're in a deep warm place and feeling like you're in a fluorescent-lit public bathroom and you'll start to understand why we don't listen to that record

Gilmour solo album have somethings lyrically that line up with the things that I've been saying, apparently he wasn't has lost as Roger Waters at that time

but really man please do not reply I do not wish to continue this conversation I have much more useful things to do with my time

I was on a Floyd newsgroup about 10 years ago and there were many uninformed people there as well so I got into similar arguments with,

Only to find out that years later bits and pieces of my posts were all over the internet like people were really really into the references I was pointing out

Not everybody is a pussy who is afraid to get high

Getting high is not about doing drugs

I don't do drugs drugs are toxic and evil and addictive and damage people's lives like they did to the members of Pink Floyd in 1979

The humorous thing in all of this is not the wall album is actually the single reason that I do not do drugs and that I never drink alcohol I listen to that when I was tripping is a teenager and it was the most horrifying thing in the world that my heroes completely lost their soul and they're playing cocaine music, comfortably numb

You should really pay more attention and argue less,

they're giving you a lot of supremely valuable and possibly life-saving information that you're missing.


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