[Dark Side of the Ring Spoiler] Martha Hart shows the clip that was holding Owen

This rigger came refferred to by someone qualified, I just read.

and the Big Bad Vince McMahon thing is pretty heavy in this discussion form right now.

My house is now a stage show, and Owen wasn't murdered. It was a accident. I'm not really shocked no one thought "OMG THIS IS A CRIME SCENE" they were thinking "Oh shit! What happened to Owen? Is he dead? Get him to the hospital... What do we do? uhhh just keep the show going. Well figure this out."

No legal counsel is going to reccomend their client just roll over, that isn't how courts work. Its unfortunate but you're being kinda naive if you think they'd just do the right thing and openly admit liability. FFS even if you get into a car crash you're not suppose to apologize at the scene because thats an admission of guilt.

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