Dark Souls 3 Forces of Annihilation Mod Official Trailer - Control and Play as Bosses and Enemies!

You call this critcism?! Look I will not stand insults like yours! I will not stand false claims like yours. If you want mods why dont you do them yourself big mouth?

As for the lies you spread and that AssassinXmods

here it is https://imgur.com/a/A2ju08Y


And this : https://imgur.com/a/DeJ392w

And now the liar Assassinx exposed: https://imgur.com/a/IYx0ATv

Edit downvote as long as you wish it matters not to me anymore I am not the one who looses here. You all are!

Edit 2 :

Seeing bunch of trolls also trying to provoke people against me. Well let me tell you I am not going to deal with ungrateful pricks like you all that only demand and ask for mods without any kind of gratitude. Those who say I never shared I did shared several times the mod to public on NEXUS MOds only all to end with mass leeching not a single thanks and not a single fucking feedback. If you think I will tolerate this stuff anymore you are all wrong. Go find someone else whom you will insult , call names, troll and then see if he will have the will to share stuff with dickheads like you all! You may dig into the past as long as you wish but ask yourselves why I did removed access to my work? Would I do it out of good? Anyway I am tired this was my last attempt to share something. Even when I made video about it asking for feedback what I got mass ignorance and only 3 replies . So if you do not want support and help then you do not deserve my work . Simple as that. And that was all about a simple feedback and ideas. Calling me arsehole, bitch or whatever will not change my mind in any case. Your proved just that after several attempts from me to share with people and get some feedback on my work you continue to be not worthy of it and that I have though you all changed. No I was wrong . I loose nothing. You may find leaked builds made by me and my partner egg and enjoy the limitations they have and the crashes you will get along with so many others non fixed stuff compared to the version I worked on for the last year. Let those who call me like that make you mods. You may find them very skilled at this!

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