The Darkest Day [OC]

Reading other peoples comments about being afraid to seek care just breaks my heart. I am fortunate to live in a state where abortion is a right and our governor has not only said that our law enforcement agencies will not cooperate in any way with people trying to investigate or prosecute abortion but in addition will pledge money to help with travel and relocation for people seeking reproductive rights sanctuary. I work for a hospital. Even in my state where we have these protections I had a 12 year old girl who did not know she was pregnant and was not pregnant by choice come in bleeding out and very near death because she had waited all day to seek care despite having severe abdominal pain. She had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. We ended up having to transfuse the mom and terminate the pregnancy then administer rhogham. She survived but barely. Our priority was to do whatever we needed to do to take care of this young lady so that if she chose to have children later she could. It makes me sick with dread thinking that other women might end up in this same position out of fear of reprisals. I would NEVER consider ratting someone out that sought care. If anyone ever tried to make me I’d site patient privacy laws. I feel like we almost need an underground setup to get women that need care to places where they know they will be cared for without judgment or fear of punishment. What an absolute disaster.

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