Darrens video actually gives you the real story. TL:DR Its some dumb drama caused by some rabble rousing+bad community management

your whataboutism

Not what I was doing at all.

that my complaint is just as bad as the idiots stirring up this drama

Literally not what I said but ok

However my position and yours are not equivalent.

You're right, my position and yours certainly aren't. My position is that you and your "side" and the idiots review bombing the game are both a bunch of annoying morons. Nobody wants to read your shitslinging anymore than they want to read the idiots arguing about muh wymun ruining muh games.

like the bullies they are

Good fucking grief how can you say this with a straight face when you literally insult the way the fucking look barely a sentence earlier. Or are you going to pretend that calling someone a neckbeard the way you clearly do isn't bullying? Far as I'm aware, the kind of person who tries to insult and belittle someone based on appearance is a fucking bully.

I'm not saying some ridiculous argument about how your comment is equal to being a sexist nazi or whatever bullshit you're probably going to spew back at me, but the point I'm making is you're equally as annoying as they are. You turn what should be fun stuff like games into toxic bullshit because both lots of you can't fucking separate yourself from this stupid "I have to be right, the other side are facists who are wrong and they're terrible!" arguing that constantly happens all the god damn time now.

Just fucking stop.

You couldn't even reply to me without just assuming i'm on "Their side" hence why you're trying to lump me in with the idiots review bombing and saying dumb shit to a dev.

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