Dashers, is it worth dashing in the early morning? 1-5 am?

I love it, but it can feel overwhelming and unsafe if you’re new to dashing and you don’t know which areas have sketchy danger at 3am & which areas don’t.

It can be also be overwhelming to discover that lots of “24/7” restaurants actually need to stop functioning at one point between 4am and 4:45am usually, in order to refresh the computers before the first 5am morning shift.

So you’ll get a 4:30am order; then you get there, they’ll say “oh man we’re shutting down for the 5am shift, come back in a while?”

Or if it’s McDonald’s they’ll say “I’m so sorry, your order has chicken nuggets and we just stopped serving that at 4:45am, I’m sorry Bud”

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