To date, 15,194 people have died of Coronavirus on Joe Biden's watch.

Yeah, I'll admit I'm not seeing a lot of the dirty tricks being pulled (by either side, honestly.) I've seen a lot of them in the past though, so I'm sure it's more of the same as it was back then because people really don't change. The sheer volume of dirty tricks that Republicans claim Democrats are using is off the charts though, hence a lot of my incredulity/disbelief at how widespread it's claimed to be...

Let anyone who brings kids into the country with the kids, this led to a ton of people entering the country with kids that weren't theirs.

Was that ever honestly a thing? Was there ever a policy that preferred people with children over people who didn't? I've legitimately never looked at the rules for gaining entry to the US before, so I've got no idea on that. It would absolutely astonish me if that was the case though...but on the other hand, I can't see Canada turning people away because the family (for example) has an infant with them which they didn't bring a birth certificate for so sorry everybody you have to turn around...I'd imagine some similar kind of thought was in place elsewhere. Grant the benefit of the doubt up to a certain age or situation, but don't just blankly let anybody in who has a child with them under the age of 17.

Jail the parents and let the kids in alone, that seems bad.

Yeah that's super bad.

Jail the parents and keep the kids in some sort of facility. This seems like a rational, of sub-optimal choice.

Definitely sub-optimal...but I could see it being only real choice available. But not cages, surely that would be a temporary measure at the beginning and not still used YEARS after it first became a thing. But that seems to be the case, which isn't right imo.

This is absolutely true. But, shouldn't we take measures to make sure we don't let more criminals in? Americans have a right to be here, non americans don't and should have to go through a process to show they won't hurt americans.

Sure, don't let more criminals in. But also don't go looking for reasons to not let people in for arbitrary reasons (have you seen the John Oliver video about the process down there? Immigration court itself seems like an absolute farce...) The mentality should be to look for reasons to let people in, weighing that against the cons whatever you find in their history while looking to let them in. Murderer/rapist? Obviously out. Thief? What did they steal? Food or diamonds? Americans certainly have a right to be here. But the border control is a whoooole different subject with a whole lot of bullshit going on, like a US born NASA scientist being detained at the border until he gave border patrol agents his phone and access code. Shit like that is inexcusable, regardless of who's in charge.

I guess I'll take that as a fair point, but isn't it the media's job to point out that that's obviously not what he meant? Isn't failing to point that out something we could call a dirty trick?

Certainly, which is why both sides of the news in this country are still utter shit and shouldn't 100% be listened to as gospel/complete truth. I can't see either side truly granting the benefit of the doubt and pointing out that "they may have merely misspoke or not meant it that way" in regards to the opposition, and it's not a unique thing from recent years. That's why I've tried to advocate for looking at the evidence yourself (when its available) and making a judgment from there, or leaving it up to the courts to decide and then basing your opinion off of their findings. But the court of public opinion is too strong these days :\

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