Date, Marry, Ditch - Dragalia Lost Edition

Date: Melody. I completed her story a little while ago and I kinda liked her. She reminds me a little bit of Felicia from FE, cause she tries her best not to screw up but she does anyways, and the fact that she can be a good maid while using her blade skills is kinda amazing.

Marry: Aoi (3 star Blade Fire Unit, in case you don't know her). I started and completed her story today, and man i loved it. A Ninja whose Master passed away because of her, and she blames herself for it, saying that ninjas are just tools and shouldn't have feelings and all that, but her personality is just so adorable. She loves and takes care of pidgeons, and she quickly makes a bond with Euden, him being his new master. At the end she accepts that she can have feelings too, and that she's not a weirdo for it. 10/10

Ditch: Wrymprints... Just ditch them, please

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