Date on Saturday, quick acne fixes? Tempted to postpone. (19 M)

Don't postpone because of your acne - trust me, you'll feel a lot more miserable about staying in because you felt bad than you will if you go out and give it a go. When I was younger, I did the same thing and really felt left out on a few events because I didn't want anyone to see how bad my acne was. Unrelated, but you wouldn't want a LTR with someone who judged you for a breakout anyway. Seriously, shit happens.

Some people get acne later, I got mine at about your age and at 24, it's only now just starting to calm down. The good news is women care less about it than men think, especially since hormonal acne makes many women feel pretty insecure themselves, so I think we are generally more accepting of it than most men believe.

Cleanse with a gentle cleanser twice a day - I like cetaphil but many others here prefer cerave. Once in the morning, once at night. Mid-day, splash some cold water on your face and blot it dry (NO RUBBING) to get rid of excess oil. Obviously this is short notice but in the future, try to use BHA and then AHA at night. Also, moisturize moisturize moisturize. Seriously. As soon as you finish washing/toner/whatever, moisturize. If I need to spot treat, I moisturize, let it dry and then do my spot treatment. Try to avoid salicylic acid when you spot treat and try to avoid benzoyl right after BHA/AHA - they throw the pH of your skin wayyyy of and chemical burns are the worst, so you sort of have to alter your routine to accommodate what you need to take care of on a regular basis.

If you can find it, green tea/aloe serums work wonders for getting rid of gunk without bringing it to the surface to be popped.

Asprin is a good fix for the redness, but I recommend spot treatments like benzoyl peroxide over night (make sure you put a white t-shirt over your pillowcase so it doesn't stain) JUST on the spots really reduces the size. I know it can be difficult but DON'T squeeze or pick at them unless they are actual white-heads, then extract verrrry carefully.

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