Is dating actually fun for you?

Women don’t always leave men when the money stops!

No they wait around until the lack of a job (and lack of sex) drives the man into a downward spiral of depression and addiction. Then they leave him.

When they have an excuse other than "leaving because of the layoff".

I mean, she would look like a shallow bitch if she did THAT!

Having separate homes and finances with your future girlfriend is fine.

Oh boy! A feminist approved relationship! I can't well to tell my mom!

Anyway if you hate sexless relationships so much why high N count shaming red pill that teaches women to be virgins until marriage?

Sigh. I don't hate sexless relationships. But I think it's kind of disengenuous to shut the sex machine down and then bitch that the man isn't happy about it. And guess what. Men are turning to porn and denying their WIVES and they are possibly as many WIVES being in forced-celibacy situations as men are! I feel for these women too! They should go out and get their rocks off with some hotty while their husband wanks to pigtailed baristas on PornHub.

But you do raise a good point.

If women have one solid, rational, truth bomb of a counter point to red pill it's this:

"You want us to sleep around and give you all lots of casual sex and then you will reject us for a relationship because of our N count."

Sorry Red Pill, but they're right.

But here's why it doesn't matter. Because we are grouped into two lots: guys that women will sleep with just because, and provider-type guys who have to jump through all the hoops. This is why men seem to have no issue dividing women into two groups as well:

Whores and housewives.

Someone brought it up the other day and created a brilliant corollary between "Alpha Fux and Beta Bux" for men. It was the Alpha woman equivalent, who has high mate value, and the lower-value but sexually accessible beta woman who is just good for sex.

Alpha men eventually marry alpha women. And they have amazing careers, great sex, beautiful children, and enjoy the lowest odds of divorce. Like attracts like.

And for the "rest of us"... average shmoes?

Women settle for transactional relationships with beta men.

Men settle for casual sex with beta women.

It's fucking brilliant when you think about it. Because it's true.

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