Dating is the lowest form of human interaction

I have been out with women like this. But it always ended the same way, with us eventually being incompatible. Many times it was mutually, sometimes I wasn't into them after a while, and sometimes they weren't into me after a while. Regardless, I truly wish them all the best, even the few who were particularly bad choices to date. It's not about disdain for women that fuels this way of thinking, because I think women deal with this stuff at least as much as men do, and it's not fair to them either! If everyone just stopped caring so much about that one pretty insignificant aspect of the human experience, I think it could augment your enjoyment of other pursuits more, once you apply the energy that was once allotted to sexual pursuits elsewhere. Frankly, I personally see my outlook as more humbling. Just enjoy the simple things, they can be very fulfilling in and of themselves.

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